Ulladulla Software Developers


The Ulladulla Software Developers is a group for anyone interested in computer programming.

Our members make our meetings and our members come from diverse backgrounds, all of which provides variety in the meeting content.

Some us have a background in software engineering and analysis, others in laboratory control and others from musical and arts arenas.

We welcome all skill levels, from those who want to come and learn, to those who already have a software engineering background (amateur or professional).

All ages are also welcome, whether you’re at school or retired. The members range from junior school and senior students, to those that started off programming the abacus.


The group was started in 2018 to satisfy the creative IT itch of a significant number of geeks and geek-ettes in the Milton / Mollymook / Ulladulla.


Dunn Lewis Centre
141 St Vincent St · Ulladulla
(Ground floor room – to the right of the main steps)


We meet-up every three to four weeks. Visit our main meet-up.com page for exact dates and topics for our next meetings.

How much?

We are very grateful to the Dunn Lewis Centre who help support our meetings. We collect donations on the evening – these are totally voluntary, but $5 per family will make Dunn Lewis very happy.

Note that there is no “formal” membership and no membership fees.


Member presentations, workshops, hack-nights, problem solving and joint projects are just some of the activities of the Ulladulla Software Developers.

Presentation topics have included a look at LabView, an introduction to Command Query Responsibility Segregation, Interactive Art & Music with Processing and The First Lego League.

At the time of writing this, there’s a strong focus on robotics and the Internet of Things.

Our development languages are as varied as our members, including Java, Scala, Python, C++ and C#.

We provide professional discussions on software engineering topics as well as encouraging the younger members in their STEM interests. Meetings are marked to help provide guidance to their content and expectations for meeting format, so you will see something like:

  • suitable for members 16+. Intended for “deep and meaningful” IT content – knock yourselves out.
  • suitable for all members; for example presentations which provide a high level introductions to topics, but also don’t shy away from deeper technical content.
  • mentoring / CoderDoJo; these are aimed for education of junior & high school student members, with mentoring provided by our senior members.


The Milton Ulladulla District CoderDojo is a club for young people aged 10-17 who have an interest in computer coding. The Dojo is not a classroom, but a fun and social session where ninjas gain knowledge through self-directed learning and exploring ideas with their peers. CoderDojo aims to provide IT skills to young people, that are becoming increasingly essential in the job market.

The CoderDojo is run independently to the Ulladulla Software Developers meetup, but if you look closely you’ll see a heavy correlation of membership / attendees.

Stay in Touch


meetup.com/ulladulla-software-developers is the primary location for finding out about our meetups. Join us there to get announcements of our up-coming meetings.


ulladullasoftwaredevs.slack.com enables out of meeting discussions for meetings ideas, projects and other USD activities.

Want to know more?

Contact me directly.


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