I had the pleasure of working with Nigel on numerous system enhancement projects for our company. Nigel was the Lead Analyst on these projects. He was responsible for business needs analysis, prototyping, and presenting back to key business stakeholders to meet their objectives. Nigel was very quick to understand our requirements. He provided in-depth analysis of the business needs, organized and chaired meetings with people from our business to make sure the end product is of good quality for us. He created use scenarios and use cases to document complex requirements to the lowest level of detail. Nigel always kept his clients’ needs in mind. Nigel’s detailed approach ensured the specifications were met while keeping these projects on schedule with minimal to no rework. He was very articulate explaining complex technical issues and functional capabilities to our business stakeholders allowing us to meet our business objectives while improving customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Nigel for any complex project that requires a highly skilled and analytical professional.
Krystof TylManager Estimating & Modelling, nbn(tm)Sydney